EasyTerritory is the leading web-based mapping software for sales territory management, service-sector productivity and spatial business intelligence. EasyTerritory now integrates with Sugar CRM!

Territory Mapping Features: Integration: Map Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and any other entity or custom entities data. Territory Management: Build territories from US ZIP Codes, counties, states and other political boundaries. EasyTerritory also includes postal codes from additional countries. Auto-Build & Realign Territories: Automatically or Manually build and realign territories with optimization tools. Business Intelligence: Overlay business data from Dynamics 365 to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering and instant statistics. Scheduling and Routing: Create schedules, route services and sales activities. Mobile Mapping: Create map views for access on mobile phones in the field. Upload Your Data: Import address information from an Excel or CSV document. GIS Integration: Support for overlaying additional geographic data sets. Leading MapPoint Alternative: EasyTerritory is the leading MapPoint upgrade and replacement.


Phone Support: (850) 629-4274
Support Email: sales@easyterritory.com
Support Knowledge Base: http://www.easyterritory.com/help-docs-and-videos/

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service: https://www.easyterritory.com/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://www.easyterritory.com/security/



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