Commercient SYNC for Netsuite ERP and Sugar CRM

Commercient SYNC for Netsuite ERP and Sugar CRM

SYNC Netsuite ERP and Sugar

Commercient creates apps that integrate your NetSuite ERP system with SugarCRM and populate the CRM skeleton with sales and customer data. Unlike a toolset, Commercient SYNC doesn’t require, any coding, mapping documents, or ETL to function. In addition, Commercient will Service your integration if an issue or update ever occurs. Our data integration apps keep you up-to-date with changes made to your Netsuite ERP and Sugar CRM system simultaneously. Commercient’s SYNC applications come with the added benefit of flexibility and can be completely customized to meet any business requirement. SYNC integrates data both one-way and bi-directionally making it an excellent value offering for a full-service integration. SYNC integrates: Accounting data: ERP data with CRM data, Customers, Accounts, payment details, credit limits, open invoices, invoices on hold, multiple ship-to addresses, bill to addresses, and account history. Sales order data: Open sales orders, sales order detail lines, and sales order history. Invoice data: Open invoices, invoice detail lines, payments, invoice history, and serial numbers shipped. Commercient SYNC for NetSuite and Sugar CRM is licensed through the Sugar Exchange and works with all Sugar CRM commercial and community versions both on-premise and cloud based. SYNC integrates Sugar CRM with all NetSuite ERP versions. Backed by reliable and consistent technical support, SYNC is the right solution to your integration needs.
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