A world-first decentralized solution for PII protection and data matching aligned with GDPR and CCPA best practices and compliance.

In today’s digital environment, data matching is the engine which drives everything from loyalty programs, to credit scores, fraud prevention and providing online customer service. When organizations prepare datasets to perform matching, customer's personally identifiable information (PII) can be put at risk of being lost or stolen through common hashing and encryption methods which rely on some form of PII being present or referenced.

Data Republic’s Senate Matching technology revolutionizes customer privacy protections when matching data by providing a more secure, decentralized alternative to common hashing or encryption methods. Data Republic’s matching technology ensures customer PII never leaves your organization’s environment when sharing data, removing risks of re-identification and misuse, while still allowing accurate insights to be derived from matched datasets.


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The benefits of Senate Matching technology The benefits of Senate Matching technology


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